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Technician terralift fracking the drainfield

Don't Replace...

RESTORE with white outline

When your drain field is failing - or has completely failed - you may have been told that you need a full replacement.  While a replacement is sometimes needed, restoration is most often more than enough to get your drain field back up and running! 
Utilizing a combination of the unique Terralift Machine, Industry leading Biology, and the incredible Sludgehammer aeration device - our Drainfield Restoration process is a highly successful and cost effective alternative to a full drain field replacement. 



  • Only takes a few hours

  • Comes with incredible 5 year warranty

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Creates Immediate and long lasting results

  • No damage to surrounding landscape​


Terralift Machine

Why Choose a Restoration?

Steps to Taking Waste out of Wastewater

Terralift Machine

Drain field fracking 

Because the waste that has been going out to your drain field over the years hardens the ground in your drain and clogs it, we start with our fracking process.  The injection of air loosens up the hard soil allowing for immediate relief and function of your drain field.

SludgeHammer S86

Aeration and Biology Installation

Once we have restored the function of your drain field , we then focus on making sure the issues which led to the failure don’t come back.  This is where the SludgeHammer comes in.  The facultative bacteria will not only eat the waste in your septic tank so quickly you will likely never have to pump your tank again, but it will also be getting out to the drain field and eat away the bio-mat that caused the issues in the first place.


same as cash

Green Sky LOGO no background

Offering 6 months same-as-cash financing from Greensky Financial.  

We understand that drain field problems often take you by surprise - and that financial assistance may be necessary.  That's why we partner with Greensky Financial to provide you with quick, easy, and simple financing.  Ask us for more details! 


Our Restoration process is backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty - giving you confidence that your money never goes bad! Contact us to learn more.

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