Drainfield Restoration

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When your drain field is failing - or has completely failed - you may have been told that you need a full replacement.  While a replacement is sometimes needed, restoration is most often more than enough to get your drain field back up and running! 


Our Drainfield Restoration process is a highly successful and cost effective alternative to a full drain field replacement. 

In a matter of a few hours we can have your drain field up and running without the added cost and headaches of a full replacement.  We offer an incredible 5 year warranty and you are also protected with our Good Money Guarantee. 
To learn more about drain field restoration or if would like to set up a time for us to come out for an inspection of your system call us at 855-444-8795 or contact us and we would be happy to talk you through the process.
Terralift Drain Field Restoration

Understanding why a drain field fails:


Most drain field failures occur when septic tanks are not maintained properly or have lost their baffles due to H2S gas corrosion. The end result of this scenario is that scum, sludge or even suspended bio-solids find their way into your drain field and form a layer called "biomat" in the soil that is located on the perimeter of your drain field.

This biomat layer seals the soil and prevents the water (referred to as effluent) exiting your tank, from percolating into the soil. When the effluent can’t percolate into the soil, hydraulic pressure develops and the effluent is forced upward where it shows up on the ground and will puddle, pool, or sometimes just show up as very green well fed vegetation. Eventually, this condition can manifest itself as a “plugged drain/sewer” and you won’t be able to use your toilets. Sewage may even back up into the house through standpipes or leaking through wax rings or toilet flanges.

Understanding how the RESTORE! Drainfield Restoration Process works

Above we mentioned, the biomat that is preventing the effluent from leaving the drain field and percolating into the soil as the original system was designed to do. (Think healthy system = sieve. Failed system = water balloon.)


To start the process; our technician arrives onsite and marks out the drain field. He will then begin by using the Terralift machine - which places a probe into the ground and the Terralift shoots air through the probe. This fracks the drain field; opening fissures that allow the drain field to start draining again. At the time of the air going into the ground, small beads are also put into the holes made by the probe. These beads go into the places the air opens so that over time when the ground starts to settle, the drain field still has those fissures open to continue to drain as needed.

Finally, we put our safe and all natural SRL biology into each of the holes that was made by the probes. This biology will eat away at any solids, fats, oils, or grease that has gotten out to the drain field – which is what caused the drain field to fail in the first place. This completes the restoration process.

It is important to note, that drain field restoration can only take place when the ground is not frozen and the air temperature is above 32 degrees.  There are three main reasons for this:

  1. When using compressed air it will freeze if the temperature drops below freezing.  

  2. If the ground is frozen the probes are not able to fully penetrate the soil in order to create the fissures.

  3. When there is snow on the ground, it is difficult to see the holes that were created by the probe and therefore we are not able to apply the necessary biology to complete the process. 

Does the RESTORE! process work on every system?

Not always. Though the process will work on approximately 90-95% of failed or failing systems; there are other reasons not related to biomat that can cause systems to fail. Increased hydraulic loading (excess water being put into your drain field), addition of water softeners or over loading the system with additional fixtures, improper initial installation, under sizing, surface compaction (driving vehicles or equipment over the field), etc. This is why we offer our Good Money Guarantee so that you never waste money if the restoration does not work on your system.

What are the signs my drain field is failing or has failed?

  • Slow moving drain and/or gurgling sounds coming from your drains

  • Sewage smell coming from septic tank/drain field area or inside drains

  • Water backing up into toilets, drains, dish or clothes washers, etc.

  • Water near or around septic tank

  • Standing water on top of drain field

  • Water coming back into your septic tank after being pumped

  • When you septic tank is "riding under pressure". Which means there is water above the operating level indicating that your tank is under pressure because your drain field is not dispersing the effluent as it should.

Obtain as much information as possible about your system (original as built diagrams or permit diagrams from the local County Health Department) as any information can help us do a more effective job for you.
Wait to tell the Health Department that your system is failing or has failed until AFTER our consultation. (If you tell them it has failed they may mandate you replace it with a new system. If we restore the drainfield, then it has not failed!)
If we are confident that our RESTORE! process will work on your system, we will need your tank pumped completely including all back flow from your field (contact us about our partner pumping company in your area)
Our technician will map out your drainfield and complete the restoration process which typically takes between 3-5 hours to compete.
Call us for an initial phone consultation.
You will be left with our incredible 5 year warranty which includes our Good Money Guarantee.
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 Our guarantee is unmatched and the best in the industry. We make sure your money never goes 'bad' with our Good Money Guarantee: If our Drainfield Restoration process is not successful at rejuvenating your drain field or you need a replacement within 5 years of the restoration, we will apply 100% of the amount spent on the system towards the replacement of your new drain field with us.  Your money...our guarantee.

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Offering 6 months same-as-cash financing from Greensky Financial.  

We understand that drain field problems often take you by surprise - and that financial assistance may be necessary.  That's why we partner with Greensky Financial to provide you with quick, easy, and simple financing.  Ask us for more details!