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Drain field clean out covers

Expert Drainfield Repair Services

Expert Drainfield Repair Services: Your Solution for Drainfield Issues

Michigan Drainfield understands that drainfield failures can occur because of biological, structural, and mechanical issues. Though biological issues are the most common cause of drainfield failure, structural and mechanical issues can also arise. In cases where such issues occur, Michigan Drainfield has the specialized equipment and skillset to provide an economical drainfield solution for your property.

Our team of experts is highly skilled in dealing with various structural and mechanical issues. Whether your system is facing a minor or major breakdown, we have the tools and knowledge to get your system up and running again. From component replacement to repairs, our team can address a range of issues related to your system's functionality.

In addition, our septic field repair can help you deal with issues related to organic material buildup and sludge accumulation in your leach lines. Our team provides a thorough cleaning service that removes all the accumulated sludge, thereby restoring proper drainage and preventing future issues.

We also offer solutions for tree roots that have infiltrated your drainfield and caused blockages in your system. Our experts use a high-pressure water jet to remove the roots and ensure that your drainfield is free of any obstruction. Moreover, we use a specially formulated municipal-grade foaming herbicide that kills the roots and prevents them from growing back, thus restoring flow throughout the drainfield.


Drainfield Line Cleaning includes jetting out the lines to remove sludge, debris, and blockages. We'll also install clean out access ports for future maintenance, offering complete drainfield restoration and maintenance solutions. 

drain field line cleaning
Drainfield root removal


Are tree roots clogging up your drainfield? Our Drainfield Root Control Treatment will take care of it in no time. We use a high-pressure water jet to remove any roots and then follow up with a municipal grade foaming herbicide which kills the tree roots that have infiltrated the leach lines. This will restore the flow throughout the drainfield and get things running smoothly again.


Our team of experts at Drainfield Septic Contractor is equipped with the latest technology to locate and mark your drainfield lines quickly and accurately. With years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering efficient drainfield services to our customers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your septic system is working properly.

Drain field locating

“It was a great quality work and the customer service is unbeatable!”
- Frederico F.

At Michigan Drainfield, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to all your drainfield issues. Contact us to schedule a drainfield assessment and let our experts provide you with the best possible solution for your property. Don't let a broken leach field pipe ruin your day. Contact us for professional drainfield repair services that fit your needs!

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