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About Us

With a history that dates back to 1942, our mission is to provide our customers throughout lower Michigan with the best care of their drain field systems, while offering the greatest value for their money.  We truly believe that doing the right thing is the best thing - even if it isn't the easiest or cheapest - and we strive to do everything we do with excellence.  
Your drain field is one of the most expensive - and important - assets of your home, right alongside the roof and foundation.  We make sure the products and equipment we use are only the best.  We may not be the least expensive - but when it comes to your drain field, that is most assuredly  a good thing.  We are committed to providing you the most value for your money which we back with our Good Money Guarantee.  

Serving the entire Lower Peninsula, we are able to help service your home or business no matter where you are.    

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