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A Division of Michigan Waste and Environmental Services


Helping solve your drain field issues

while saving you time and money


Being Michigan's most advanced and experienced Terralift drain field Restoration operator. Our  Terralift process is effective at rejuvenating drainfields that are failing or have completely failed for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

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Drain Field Repair and Installation

Using the best quality parts and equipment, along with industry leading techniques we can return any damaged or failed drain field to peak working condition.

Drain Field Maintenance and Care

No matter how old your drain field is, we have the products and knowledge to help keep your drain field running smoothly.  From diagnosis, treatment, or simply making sure your drainfield stays healthy - we've got you covered.


As a company we endeavor to help give our customers the best service with the best value as we restore, repair, and replace their leach fields.  Our staff is dedicated to to excellence by combining practical experience with leading scientific and technological advancements. Our history runs deep which gives us stability, but our branches have incredible reach with technology that helps us to do what we do with greater impact and with an incredibly small environmental footprint. 


There are approximately 1.6 million drainfields still in use in the State of Michigan.  It is estimated that 1 out 6 of those are failing or have failed; which can greatly impact ground water and drinking water quality among other issues.   If your drain field is failing or has failed, contact us about how we can help you get your drain field up and running again - before it affects your home and water.


We know that money does not grow on trees, and no one wants to throw theirs out the window. That's why we have the best guarantee in the industry.  We make sure your money never goes 'bad' with our Good Money Guarantee: If our Renew drainfield system is not successful on your drain field, we will apply 100% of the amount spent on the system towards the replacement of your new drainfield with us.  Your money...our guarantee.


If you are a Septic Pumping Company we would love to talk with you about partnering with us to help restore the drain fields of your customers.  If you would like to learn more about our partnership program, please call us at 616-842-5535 or send us a message on our partner page


From the Tip of the Mitt, to the State Line. From Lake Michigan, to Huron and Erie - and everything in between - We service the entire Lower Peninsula with our Drain Field Renew System.
Call anytime to talk with us about what we can do to help restore, repair, or maintain your drain field!