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Drainfield Problems?
Don't Replace, RESTORE!

Save Thousands with Our Drainfield Restoration Services

Are you experiencing frustration and stress because of a failed or failing drainfield? It's a common problem that many homeowners and property managers encounter and can lead to costly replacements. Luckily, at Michigan Drainfield we have made it our mission to provide a long-term and cost-effective solution to restore and maintain the health of your drainfield.

Our unique drainfield restoration solutions achieve a 98% success rate and we back them with the best warranties in the industry. The expert professionals at Michigan Drainfield will work with you to assess your drainfield, diagnose the problem, and provide you with a customized solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of a failing leach field, and hello to a healthier, more efficient wastewater system with Michigan Drainfield's trusted drainfield restoration services.

Expertise in Drain field restoration

Expertise in Drainfield Restoration

Our team of professionals are experts in restoring failed and failing drainfields, providing a more cost-effective alternative to replacement, and repair any problems with your drainfield, helping you avoid costly replacements and ensuring the long-term health of your wastewater system.

Customized drainfield solutions

Customized Solutions

We conduct a Drainfield Assessment to collect information about the current design and condition of the existing wastewater system and drainfield, and create a customized approach to restore the drainfield. We provide expert consultation on the health and maintenance of your drainfield.

Innovative Drainfield technologies

Innovative Technologies

We offer a range of services, from drainfield kickstart process and sludgehammer drainfield restoration system, to replacement of broken or crushed sections of drainfield, installation of clean out access ports, and replacement of broken missing baffles and effluent filters.

Drain field repair
“Jim and Josh were so professional and honest and they did not charge us. Integrity seldom seen these days. Highly recommended!”

Michael G.


Expertise in Drainfield Restoration 

Drainfield Assessment

Drainfield Assessment

Michigan Drainfield offers an all-encompassing Drainfield Assessment service. We gather data on your current wastewater system and drainfield, tailoring a personalized restoration strategy. Count on our expert team for consultation on drainfield health and maintenance.

Drainfield Kickstart Process

Drainfield kickstart process

Michigan Drainfield offers a Drainfield Kickstart Process, a unique part of their 2-phase restoration process. This non-invasive service helps to restore flow to failed or failing drainfields and has a 99% success rate. To learn more about this cost-effective alternative to costly replacements, schedule a Drainfield Assessment today.

SludgeHammer Drainfield Restoration System

SlugeHamme Drain Fild Restoration

Michigan Drainfield's SludgeHammer System boasts a 99% success rate in revitalizing failed or failing drain fields. It's a long-term, sustainable, and cost-effective solution, preserving your property's landscape with minimal maintenance. Save time, money, and hassle today!

Drainfield Repairs

Drainfield Repars

Michigan Drainfield provides comprehensive drainfield repair, including the Sludgehammer Drainfield Restoration System and Drainfield Kickstart Process. Our cost-effective, non-invasive services save time and money while preserving your property. Contact us to ensure long-term wastewater system health.

Sludgehammer installation

Bonnie H., MI

"Michigan Drainfield provided us with exceptional service. They have excellent customer service."

Experience the benefits of Michigan Drainfield: Saving Money, Time, and Hassle

Don't let drainfield problems disrupt your life and drain your wallet. Contact Michigan Drainfield today to schedule your Drainfield Assessment and find out how our unique restoration process can save you thousands of dollars and restore the health of your drainfield. Call us now or visit our website to learn more.


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