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The Drainfield Kickstart Process

Immediate Drainfield Repair for Biological Failure!

Are you experiencing water pooling around your drainfield or an increase in flies and odors? These are signs that your drainfield may be failing and in need of repair or restoration. The traditional solution for a failed drainfield is to replace it, but this can be costly, invasive, and require ongoing maintenance.

Drainfield Terralift Fracking Restoration

At Michigan Drainfield, we offer a unique solution - the Drainfield Kickstart Process. This process restores flow to your drainfield immediately by fracking the sub-surface and applying a proprietary blend of powerful waste-digesting bacteria directly into the field. We first conduct a Drainfield Assessment to determine if your drainfield is a good candidate for our restoration process. If it is, we create a customized approach to restore your drainfield using the Drainfield Kickstart Process.

Benefits of using the Drainfield Kickstart Process Include:

Terralift drain field fracking

Take a Closer Look

The Drainfield Kickstart Process typically takes up to half a day and costs a fraction of the cost to replace the drainfield. We also offer a 5-year warranty for this service because we are confident that we have the best drainfield restoration services in Michigan. If the drainfield fails within this period, we will perform any future Drainfield Kickstarts for 50% off our standard pricing.

Don't let a failed drainfield ruin your property - schedule a Drainfield Assessment with Michigan Drainfield today and restore flow to your drainfield with our unique Drainfield Kickstart Process.

Drainfield Kickstart terralift fracking
“My drain field was failing, but Michigan Drainfield was able to restore it using their Terra Lift machine."

- Ronald Q.

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