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SludgeHammer Systems

The Power of a Sludgehammer

Traditional septic systems and residential drain fields often have a limited service life. According to most health departments, the average life of a traditional drain field is only 15-20 years.  Once the soil becomes clogged with years of effluent, the soil is unable to properly filter and percolate the wastewater. SludgeHammer’s residential products extend the life of a drain field with their revolutionary SludgeHammer Blend™. Replacing residential wastewater treatment systems can be expensive, but Michigan Drainfield offers a line of products that are cost effective, low maintenance, and sustainable upon completion.

Sludgehammer bacterial generator

Taking the Waste out of Wastewater

We have partnered with the SludgeHammer Group to bring our customers the most advanced bacterial generator on the market.  We have the only IAMPO certified device in the country proven to remediate failed drain fields and septic systems. We are confident this system is perfect for all residential customers wanting to prevent issues from occurring as well as provide a way to restore a system that is already having issues. 


If you are building a new home or business and want to set your septic system up for success, or you need a more effective drain field in your existing home, Michigan Drainfield has what you need. Whether residential or commercial, we have the solutions for a fast and effective way to boost your septic system’s performance for a lifetime! We have a variety of SludgeHammer products to fit any size, application, and need.

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