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Drain field Repairs and Replacements 

Drain Field Repair


Sometimes restoration is not appropriate for your situation and a full replacement isn't necessary either.  In this situation a repair is probably all you need.
If your drain field has parts or equipment that are malfunctioning or broken, we have the experience and knowledge to fix the problem! From televising your line to replacing old pipes, our technicians are ready to use the best quality products and equipment in order to give your system the best service. 
Call us to learn more about how we can help repair your drainfield so you can get back to normal.

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Whether you have a failing or failed drainfield, or you have a new build and need a totally new drainfield, we've got you covered.  While we always recommend our drainfield restoration as the first option for a failing or failed drain field - sometimes a total septic system replacement is necessary. 

​We use the highest quality products and equipment to give you the best drain field possible. 
From a traditional drain field to the revolutionary fertigation drainfield system which transforms your drainfield into an amazing eco-system – and allows you to irrigate your yard or garden with the amazingly clean water that came from your septic system.

Converting your old drain field into a new, more efficient system is another great option if your drain field needs to be replaced.   We convert aenerobic septic systems, which lack much needed oxygen to help reduce bio solids in your system - to an aerobic system, using the Sludgehammer bacterial aerobic generator. This creates an oxygen rich environment where efficiency is key and bio solids are greatly reduced among other advantages.  
Contact us today to learn more about the many options you have if you need a brand new or updated drain field system!

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