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Root Control in Pipes
Roots are great for trees that are healthy and strong.  They are not so great when they get into your plumbing lines, septic tank, or leach field pipes.

Roots wreak havoc on plumbing systems. From back ups to broken pipes; roots that are not controlled cause all sorts of headaches and if left untreated can end up costing hundreds of dollars in repairs to fix. 

Our foaming Chemical Root Control is a great option to eliminate roots that are in your system.  Just one treatment every 3-5 years help to keep roots at bay without damaging your trees (non-systemic herbicide) or causing harm to your system.  


We are the only company based in Michigan who is licensed and certified by the State of Michigan to apply any kind of chemical root control to residential and private sewer systems. Using chemicals is a big deal, we make sure it is done right and with the utmost care for you, your family, and the environment.  We service single residences, home associations, as well as whole mobile home parks.  Let us help get your roots under control and out of your systems!

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