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Otherwise known as bioaugmentation, bioremediation is the process of using naturally occurring microbe organisms to enhance the breaking down of bio solids and other organic materials.

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Every septic tank needs bacteria - otherwise, the solids that enter the tank would never break down, and your tank would fill after just a short time.  While septic tanks have naturally occurring bacteria in the them, the anaerobic (oxygen is not introduced to the system) nature of most septic tanks causes bacteria to become sluggish and even die.  In addition chemicals such as cleaning agents, medications/prescriptions, and high water usage can also cause upsets in your septic tank leading to insufficient bacteria or the bacterial colony's death altogether. 

Bioremediation is how you keep septic tanks healthy and working properly. By adding our all natural and chemical-free BIO-PRO series of bacteria it helps to reduce fats, oils, grease, and solids while also reducing odor.  It also has the added benefit of reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gases which will elongate the life of your septic tank.  

SRL Biology for Septic Tanks and Drainfields



Allows you to keep your septic tank healthy, reduce the frequency of pumping, and will help in elongating your tank life.



Lagoons and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Keep your lagoon functioning at the highest levels. Bio-remediation will help reduce solids and odors.



Ponds and Lakes

Reduces unsightly and unhealthy pond build up - while creating a beautiful clear water system.



Lagoons and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Works very similarly to ULTRA but is specially formulated to work in temperatures as low as 39 degrees.

Call to learn more about how bio-remediation could help your system

 or check out our BIO-PRO Series page for more information.

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